Media or Nintendo?

First of all, thanks to all the posters here, I hope we’ll get to the bottom of this soon enough… Each and each day there are more cases of Wii’s that suddenly stopped reading backups.

Anyhow, today I bought new Verbatim and Sony DVD-R media and made a few more tests:

  • Wiikey Update 1.9b @ 1x, 2x and 4x
  • Wiikey Recovery 1.9b @ 1x, 2x and 4x

I burned it plain, filechopped and used 2 different burners I have here (using ImgBurn). Still no dice. Also, from a quick glance at YAOSM’s source code I don’t see why the SMG fix would require any extra “media-pickyness”. Basically it’s an LBA check and an A4 04 command which is supposed to fail on original media (so the chip has to provide a failed result when loading backups too).

Btw, I have my wii for 3 months only, and used it for a couple of hours mostly on weekends, so it’s not as if I’ve been straining the laser. What I find weird is the Dec 1st thing, on the stats I have a few referrers from google with the query “Dec 1 wiikey stopped working”. Coincidence?

EDIT: Check out these links for CycloWiz users with (probably) the same problem:

UPDATE: A possible Wiinja Deluxe case and another CycloWiz one (both after playing SMG):

UPDATE2: Another Dec 1st one:


6 Responses to “Media or Nintendo?”

  1. Same thing here I updated my wii key but I don’t think it had 1.9b so i updated to 1.9g and it reseted you know doing all that stuff and then we tried to load smg and it would not read nothing only wii sports now my wii fw is 3.1u would that be a problem? or did i just needed to update my wii key to 1.9b i have a new one and i need some tips.


  3. I confirm that I had exactly the same problem, from one moment to the other everything stoped working, my Wii stoped reading backups, I thought it was the optical, but after a lot of testing the optical drive was OK, and I could play originals without any trouble, so I downloaded the Recovery Disk 1.9b and did exactly as the readme said. 1 Turn on the Wii, 2 Insert Recovery Disk, 3 Reset Wii, 4 Wait more than 3 Minutes. After that Everything started to work, But it didn´t read ANY disk but the actual 1.9b update disk and after the update I started to play my backups again flawless.

    All luck to you all!!

  4. Hey – it’s been a fucken long time since we heard anything from wiikey dev team?! WTTFFF????!!!

  5. GhostHawk Says:

    Thank god for the Recovery Disk! My friends Wii had the 1.9g fw and it blew up in December. We did the the 3 minute wait thing and the damn thing worked. Put him back on 1.9b and all is good again. His problems were severe. Not even originals would read. What a pain in butt this SMG Beta fw has been. I was lucky enough that mine didn’t break yet and I was able to downgrade to 1.9b without the need for a recovery.

    I guess Nintendo has won this round. It seems they have a way to keep the WiiKey from working against the newer protection. At least for now.

    WiiKey team, if you are still out there, we could sure use some help. Thanks in advance.

  6. bainshee Says:

    I can play all the older games cooking mama, Mario party etc etc flawless

    But when i try to boot the newer games like No more heroes i get the unable to read.

    So i tried using the recovery disc(waited 5min did it exactly as the readme says). upgraded to 1.9B right after that.

    Poped in the no more heroes disc AAAAND safety intro plays.. attach the nuchuk.. into plays diffrent company names pop up..
    The little blue loading “star” comes up in the bottom right corner of the screen, this is where it usualy hangs up..
    The screen goes black.


    ah no! it actualy boots up! O_o

    It worked! \o/

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