“I updated to firmware 1.9g and my Wiikey stopped reading backups”

Sounds familiar? Soon after this happened to me, I started to find a lot of people with the same problem in forums around the net. However, most are told to “check for dry joints/shorts” or “check your media”.

That’s not what this is about, I had 20+ backups that worked flawlessly for 3+ months, now a couple of days after updating to 1.9g none of them will load, only originals do. Even if 1.9g is more picky than 1.9b about media, how can you explain that it worked for a few days after the update (including loading SMG from the same DVD that now doesn’t work)? My chip installation is fine and the firmware update went without a hitch (as did 1.9b some time ago).

So, if you have a similar problem, post your experience here! Here goes mine:

UPDATE: Added black magic info.

Description – A couple of days after updating to 1.9g and playing SMG (Euro version on Euro console), all backups stopped to work. Originals work fine. I think it might have happened when the Wii was disconnected from the mains (not 100% sure).
Wii Firmware Version – 3.0E
Original/Clone Wiikey – Original
Previous Wiikey Firmware Version – 1.9b
Any problems Updating? – NO
Had Region Override ON when updating? – NO
Ran Config Disc 1.3 after the update? – NO
Did SMG work OK? – Yes
Percentage of Backups that load – 0% (all show as unknown, the disc just stops spinning. This is not the “An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button and remove the disc.” error)
Originals load? – Yes
Tried 1.9b Recovery Disc? – Yes, does nothing
Tried Config/Update Discs/GCOS boot? – Yes, none will get recognized, same as all backups
Media Tried – Sony +/-R, Verbatim -R, Fujifilm -R, Imation +R, TDK -R, @2x and 4x
Burner(s) – Nero, Imgburn
Black Magic – Tried: Taking out CMOS battery and unplug off mains for a while, formatting Wii system memory

I’d also like to see a description of what happens when you use the recovery disc successfully.


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  1. Exactly like you except SMG worked like a charm for over a month (got me 40+ stars!). Today, december the 1st it just stopped reading SMG or any other backup, Wii or GC, working fine everytime for almost a year. Every original is read without a problem every try. No coincident here!

  2. Same thing happened to me. SMG worked only two days and the consule stopped reading any backup disc.

  3. Well it might not be exactly like you but i’ll post my problem.
    Description : Updated the wiikey to 1.9g, all were working good, and then installed the patch with SMG, btw got a Wii-U and ran original SMg NTSC-U.
    And now, 50% of my back-up can’t be played, The drive see it, but then when i click start it just reset by itself. Tryed on another wii which didn’t touch SMG and all the back-up works.
    Most forum people told me it was a media problem, so i’ve bought myself some Verbatim dvd-r and it didn’t change anything.
    Tryed Burning speed at 2x/4x/8x/16x and no change.
    Like i said, original game still works, The Setup disc are still readable and are not even on Verbatim.
    So, that’s my problem so far i’ve been working on this last week, hope i’ll find somebody else who have a solution!

  4. Kim, this same thing happened to me as of December 1st, 2007. Everything was working fine with SMG for over a month (50 stars) .. then all of suddent today I couldn’t run any of my backups. There’s something fishy going on here … I tried setting the date back and it still wouldn’t work. Only getting the ‘unable to read disc’ error.

    Original games work fine though … anyone else have this exact problem?

  5. Same thing here, updated to 1.9g on November 25th 2007 and played SMG for an hour or so. Next day I played a GC backup for a couple of hours. 2 days after my Wii can’t read any backups at all, multiple brands of media too. Originals load ok. I hope wiikey team can fix this.

  6. Same thing here. All went fine, I got to around 35 stars on SMG, then a day after I was playing it, no backups would load. Originals are fine, but no Wii or GC backups, nor any of the update discs are recognised.

    I’ve opened up my Wii and had a look. I can’t see anything wrong inside, but was going to go further (I didn’t install it myself and not confident about this kind of thing, but felt the need to try something). I’ve been considering buying a new Wiikey and all the soldering tools required to fit it.

  7. Same thing here.
    3.1U firmware
    original wiikey on a D2B chipset.
    using wiikey 1.9g
    Wii worked fine after using 1.9g udate. SMG played fine, only played it for a few hours(same day 1.9g was released).
    Backups worked fine until yesterday 12/1/2007. First I had put in a backup and it showed up on wii channel, but once it was clicked it wouldn’t load and an error screen popped up. Then not 1 of over 100 backups would not worked that had all worked with no problems ever. Always burnt at 4x using Sony, Verbatim and Magnavox DVD-Rs.
    Original games play fine.
    Tried recovery disc following instructions perfectly with no changes.
    Opened wii and doublechecked my solder connections(all are good).
    This has worked flawlessly for over 6 months and I am stumped!

  8. Everyone send in some technical support feedback on the the official wiikey website! We need support on this … there’s definitely something wrong here. I hope to god they are already working on this!

  9. Rad-Wreck Says:

    My problem is a bit more severe than yours. Like you, everything was working fine with 1.9g beta, and Wii firmware at 3.1U. Originals played, backups of both Wii and GC games played fine.

    Now, as of last week (that long since I touched the Wii) nothing works. Not even originals. I’ve checked my Wiikey’s solder points, re-touched them just in case of any dry points, and still won’t read any originals or backups.

    I attempted to use the 1.9b recovery disc, but since the Wii seems to refuse to read any discs, that’s going nowhere. I can boot up to the wii menu, see all of the channels, access the settings screen just fine, but when I put in a disc, it seems to try to read for about 3 seconds, then the drive just stops spinning.

  10. Rad-Wreck Says:

    One thing I forgot to mention is just before the Wii stopped working, I did mess with the region setting, so I may have turned it to ON.

  11. region setting Says:

    you guys should have changed the region setting to on with 1.2 before updating to 1.9g, you can still use 1.3 config disc to turn on the region free, but if it stopped working already then thats too bad.

  12. coincidence Says:

    id also like to point out that its likely a coincidence still. every day there are lots of people that have some issue with any chip, wiikey is just one of the more common ones that people have. So you could write a blog like this everyday and you’d have people saying it stopped on them that day.

  13. The exact same thing here as well, updated to 1.9g everything worked fine for about a month. Went away for a week during which time the wii was powered down completely. Fired it up on Dec. 3rd and now I can only play originals and can’t load any burnt media at all.
    Even if wiikey comes up with a reason I don’t see how we are going to be able to fix these screwed wiikey chips I am thinking the only solution is a new wiikey, I’m gonna wait a few more days then try to find a new one and leave it at 1.9b until a better patch comes out.

  14. ^^

    I wouldn’t say that it is a coincidence, I never got “unable to read disc” messages before the 1.9g patch. But since then I have gotten more and more until now where I can’t even load discs. And region free was set to on before updating to 1.9g. If you look at any modding forum they are being flooded with 1.9g problems, DREs, “unable to read errors” and some like me with a non working mods. Unless you have a wiikey with 1.9g and have zero problems your response doesn’t help, doesn’t have anything to back it up and is just ignorant.

  15. My old backups are working.. But SMG and Resident Evil Umbrella gives trouble (unable to read disc). What to dooo??

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  17. rodgerdodger Says:

    i have the exact same problem as below , i even changed the wii laser, but that didnt fix it. anyone know anymore on this subject???

    Now, as of last week (that long since I touched the Wii) nothing works. Not even originals. I’ve checked my Wiikey’s solder points, re-touched them just in case of any dry points, and still won’t read any originals or backups.

    I attempted to use the 1.9b recovery disc, but since the Wii seems to refuse to read any discs, that’s going nowhere. I can boot up to the wii menu, see all of the channels, access the settings screen just fine, but when I put in a disc, it seems to try to read for about 3 seconds, then the drive just stops spinning.

  18. My WII has 1.9g and still works. My son is playing SMG.

    I think I will not let him play SMG anymore and flashes the wiikey back to 1.9b.

    Is this possible?

    Many thanx!

  19. Has anyone even heard back from the wiikey team? I emailed them over a week ago about this problem but no replies yet.

  20. No reply from the Wiikey team 😦

  21. Are you guys using anything on the USB port, like a keyboard or cooling station? try unplugging that and see if it makes a difference….

  22. I am using no USB devices. Yes you can revert back to 1.9b with the recovery disk on the wiikey site. But if your not noticing an increase in unable to read disc errors I wouldn’t bother. I am getting a new wiikey installed today so I will let you all know if that fixes the problem, and it was indeed a fried wiikey, weather from 1.9g or not.

  23. As of today, I am unable to play any original, backups or wiikey disc.

    I have internet access and all the chanels work fine.

    I can not get my wii to read any discs.

    I tried to go to the wiikey web site but that is either too busy or down…?

    hmmmm…. somethings not right, I can feel it…

    Any one who gets theres running, would be a hero at this time.

    darn, I might have to interact with people now…

  24. New wiikey in and working great so far no DREs or unable to read errors, my modder already flashed it to 1.9g for me. He mods full time and said there has definitely been more problems since the 1.9g patch and recommended to only update the wii via game discs not through system updates as he has noticed that none of these people have had any problems. My original wiikey was indeed inoperable so it may have just been a coincidence that i started getting errors around the 1.9g update as the chip was on its way out. Who knows, but a new chip solved it, just glad it wasn’t something to do with the drive or laser. Good luck to everyone else having problems but if your drive will read absolutely no burnt media regardless of brand, or speed burnt at I think you only solution will be a new chip. If I notice anything happening with this new one I will update this site.

  25. @Mod1Fy: was the chip dead or was the flash corrupt? Can your modder try and flash your old chip using an external programmer?

  26. Although I did not have problems I have done the following:
    – downgrade to 1.9b with config disc (not the recovery disc)
    – setup disc 1.3 used setting region free setting again
    – smg tried: error “unautherized device…” or something like that, so all the trails of 1.9g seems disappeared ?
    – other backup games, orginial games and wii disc still works

    The problem is off course that the smg itself updates your wii too.
    This update has not been overwritten I guess

  27. Hi,i think it’s not the chip.I have modded my Wii and the Wii of my Brother.
    We have Openwii-Chiip and my Brother has the self Problem.We test the Chip of my Brother in my Wii and no Problem with my Wii.


  28. I purchased my wiikey with installation today. Not too sure which versionupdates like 1.9g etc. im using but im sure the installer mentioned he updated everything for me. I played 1 backup game as soon as i got home and it worked perfectly. i went out, came home and tried to play and its not reading any backups, along with 2 other backup games. i cant seem to find any solutions anywhere…

  29. Hi,
    i am from Germany and I have the same f*cking error.
    Here is my story:
    – Wii Pal console (first Euro release)
    – install a cyclowiz
    – works fine for nearly one year

    – I want to play SMG NTSC (not PAL!), for that i performed the following:
    – Updated my CycloWiz with the latest (3.6?) Firmware
    – Updated my Wii with the SMG NTSC DVD (now I have 2 News and Weather Channel)
    – Played SMG for a long time (120 Stars)

    So far so good, but from one day to the another, my Wii only play original DVDs.
    Okay, my diagnostic (like Dr. House): Soldering: ok DVDs: ok F*ck, the chip is broken….

    – Remove the CycloWiz and install a WiiKey (no Clone!)

    Everething works fine. But on the next day, the WiiKey is also broken. Only originals works fine. Please keep in mind, I never perform a update to 1.9G!

    I am sorry for my bad English. I hope everybody know what i want to discribe!
    For all other: Try to write the same in German language 😉


  30. It looks like the wiikey itself has become broken.
    Can a software update 1.9g break the wiikey hardware ???

  31. I have the same problem but no setup disc is working

  32. I got a legit wiikey firmware updated to 1.9g and 3.1E

    it seems all the games i burn since i updated to 1.9g get the ‘Disk cannot be read. . .’ Error

    SMG works fine and all my other backups from before the update work as well! This is all very confusing and worrying

    They did say that they had to almost completely rewrite the firmware for 1.9g to get SMG working so hopefully they are working on another update to iron out these obvious problems people are having

    ahh well atleast now i will get a chance to play some of the old games 🙂

    come on wiikey.cn we’re all counting on you !! !!

  33. Ah yeah forgot to add when i try to run the 1.3 config disk my system just restarts :/ bloody strange that. . .

  34. WHAT TO DOOOOOOOOO??????????????

  35. If you do not have any problems yet I would see go back to 1.9b while you can still read your wiikey setup discs

  36. Time to spam Wiikey.cn again… I want to play!

  37. i had almost the EXACT problem that you describe.

    Here’s what i did. I had a GCOS disc (with all my emulators and stuff on it) and i tried to boot with that, i left it on the channel index window.. and nothing happened. Then, after about 5 minutes the gamecube logo appeared and i could boot it.. since then it’s worked again.. VERY strange. SORRY, i know this is very unlikely to help.. but any information is still information. I’m quicly uninstalling this god-awful 1.9b patch.

  38. One more thing, I had a feeling wii connect had something to do with the problem (i had only recently enabled it). I had disabled the wii connect function when this worked.

  39. Are you sure you have ‘Genuine’ wiikey’s there’s a lot of copy ones around out there that are offered on the cheap. It’s possible your problems are because the wiikey is not genuine and the update is not compatible with the chip. I have a wiikey with 1.9g and 3.1e and it’s working perfectly, I haven’t had any problems at all reading backups. This probably doesn’t help the ones who have the problems but none of the people I know with genuine wiikeys have any problems also.

  40. I have this problem too!
    My story: i’ve bought an original (i hope) wiikey last week.
    I mounted it, then i made the 1.9b upgrade, then quickly 1.9g upgrade (for SMG) and finally with setup disc 1.3 i’ve configured it so:
    SPEED 6X
    Now SMG backup works perfectly, originals work perfectly, but Setup config disc 1.3 doesn’t work anymore!

  41. I solved my problem!
    What to i did:

    * Download Wiikey update 1.9b and Config disc 1.3

    * Download MultiGame ISO Creator v3.2.4F

    * open MultiGameISOCreator.exe

    * Click on Add ISO and add the bootdisc(US for north amercia, Pal for mainly Europe, and Jap for most of asia) image of wiikey 1.9b then again click on add iso and add the config 1.3 disc (same region stuff).

    * Now that you’ve added config disc 1.3 it’ll say config 1.2; just ignore it.

    * Now click on Create MultiGame Iso and save it wherever you want writing the file name with .iso extension.

    * Now burn it with IMGBurn at 3x speed

    This procedure solved my read problem; after booting the disc created, i’ve configured all ON and speed at 6X.
    Then reset, and now all disc (also the setup disc 1.3 that before didn’t start) work ok!


  42. Since today 12-december-2007 my backups won’t work too. Same thing like anyone else, updated to 1.9G played SMG a few weeks and this morning all is over! I have WiiKey.

  43. Congratz! Didn’t do it for me though! 😦

  44. Are there people with the D2A chipset that have inoperable 1.9G Wiikeys or could this be D2B (and beyond) related? Mine is D2A and I am still golden [knock on wood], so I thought there might be something to this. Feel free to debunk my theory if you have a nonworking D2A + Wiikey 1.9G!!!

  45. I did the upgrade, SM Worked fine, then read errors on that one and castaway some other tittles work flawless.
    I guess everyone will need to contact Wiikey.cn for the latest upgrade possible.

  46. I have downgraded to 1.9b, still no problems !

  47. Heck, I get the “An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button and remove the disc.” error randomly now, for no obvious reasons… and I don’t have a single mod or chip on my Wii… straight from the box, bought in a retail store.

  48. I have a D2A chipset, U.S. system, WiiKey, 1.9g, 3.1U, and everything still works great for me. Only have problems with PAL games and thats because I haven’t configured any settings. Might be a D2B issue cause everyone who said they had a problem were that chipset. Wish for the best for all of you. Atleast your systems did’nt get bricked.

  49. By the way. Official WiiKey website is still down. Hope they did’nt run off on us.

  50. I see that you guys stopped posting since 15th…has the problem been solved? or is there an official thread for this?

    Coz I just got the same issue today…

  51. Same thing for me.. mine stopped working after I enabled Wii Connect.

    mark Says:
    December 11, 2007 at 9:47 am

    One more thing, I had a feeling wii connect had something to do with the problem (i had only recently enabled it). I had disabled the wii connect function when this worked.

  52. This happened to me but without SMG this happened after I played mario soccer for a week or so weird as

  53. I see not too many people have answered my question about the chipset they have: D2A or D2B / C and whether or not their chip still works?

    So far Big B said his D2A still works for him so that is “one” but before any declarations can be made, I think statistically we need a bigger sample size! What do you think?! Hehe!

    I am someone else who leaves Wii Connect 24 (Standby Mode) OFF so there might be something to that theory (My chip still works [knock on wood]).

  54. Same here,

    no more backup is reading

    1.9g was installed.

    New Wii
    playing NFS –> Wii FW updating
    playing SMG —> Wii FW updating
    playing NFS again —> playing fine
    playing SMG again—> playing fine
    Connecting Wii Online (first time)—> FW Wii updating 3.1E
    played something again? I do not remember but i think not
    Wii wasn”t on for some days.

    none backup or setup disc is running any more

  55. my “System” d2b pincut

    Verbatim printable + none printable

    two burner used with Nero

  56. I installed the 1.9g update,
    and played SMG for a bit, and other games I’ve burned.

    I found, once I removed the power cord from the Wii (to take it to a firend’s house), Upon re-conencting everything, none of my backups would work. Originals were fine.

    I have a Wii from about Jan 07, with a true Wiikey shortly bought in Feb 07.

    I read all the posts, tried all the reverses, and fixes, to no avail.
    I bought a new WiiKey, and replaced my old one, and blamo, all my old disc work perfectly. I haven’t tried SMG again at all, because why bother.
    Maybe I will try it again with the new WiiKey.

    I firmwared to 1.9b, and that’s where it’s at right now. although I suppose my Wii does have the update already installed from the SMG disc, so maybe I’ll pop it in and see if I am asked to update it again, or if it will read at all with the 1.9b Wiikey.

    But it would appear that it’s not date specific, but more power loss/ full boot up sepcific.

  57. Well.. I decided to try it out again.

    I forget which chip I have, I’ll open it up later and post back.

    So here’s my setup:
    New WiiKey updated to 1.9b
    Wii version 3.1E (updated from orig Wiikey 1.9g that then failed on me)

    Turned off WiiCOnnect (just in case)
    Popped in SMG, disc came through no prob without update needed.

    Clicked the Start to load the game, and get this message:
    Error #001,
    unauthorized device has been detected.

    ejected disc, powered off (hold power for 5 secs)
    and the wii came back online fine, other backup are working find.

    So I’m guessing that the WiiKey is detectable.

  58. The Recovery part that after 3 minutes is “invisible” doesn’t do it for me. I have contacted my distributor to see if they can test my WiiKey to see if it has somehow come defective. Perhaps a bad solder is the enemy, however it’s strange there’s so many cases out there…

  59. [quote] I found, once I removed the power cord from the Wii (to take it to a firend’s house), Upon re-conencting everything, none of my backups would work. Originals were fine. [/quote]

    Thats it. I was taking my wii from city to country house as it happend.

    No more backups are running. (DRE)

  60. I have read all posts in here now, and here’s a resume.

    Problems come up with 1.9g – Smg – Wiiconnect
    Seems like the chips gets destroyed somehowe, because of the update, game or the wiiconnect.

    Anyone got problem that haven’t used 1.9 – smg – wiiconnect?

    The wiikey.cn site is still down, something aint right, I wouldn’t play smg or update or browse internet on my wii until we now what happened, until then, please help each other. Do research wrtite in forums and try to contact wiikey!

  61. are you guys sure that your wiikeys are not clones in the first place?

  62. WiiConnect is not the problem.My Brother is not Online or WiiConenct24 over 3 Months.After SMG update(Galaxy Disc)all Verbatims not work.
    Only Octron(RitekF1)and TDK(Blue) works.


  63. He has OpenWii2.2 Ypiwafe SMGFix.With 2.3 is the self.
    By me(Wii with DMS Chip,brother has DMS too)no Problem and i was Online(but not WiiConnect24).No Problem.


  64. i have 2 wii systems ,both early models with early wiikey originals,i put in my mario galaxy disc and it said “Error #001,
    unauthorized device has been detected” the wii version is now 3.0e but i still wont try galaxy just in case,it still plays all the backups o.k.
    the second wii have been in my wardrobe for 5 weeks after reading the above comments i tried it today to see if everything works becouse it hav been unplugged for a long time,it worked fine,this one is version 2.2 and have not been updated at all,
    i am not sure what discs i put in when installing the wiikeys,
    the wiikeys were original bought and installed when they first came out,(the easy solder ones”

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  66. Same Problem,

    Wiikey 1.9g
    Wii 3.1E
    The chip worked several month, i played smg for 2 hours, next day the wii read no copies and no config dvds….

  67. My distributor does not answer and WiiKey.cn is no more. Feeling kinda ripped… well well, I guess I have to spend time with the family instead… 😦

  68. Hi guy
    I just wondering i going to update to 1.9g or not..becoz lots of people say it doesn’t work for backup anymore…is there a region problem or you guy didn’t turn on the region override….could any tell me..becoz i want to play smg as well…thx

  69. Surprisingly, the 1.9b recovery disc trick worked for me (linked to by Ming –
    December 18, 2007 at 9:02 am). Followed to the letter, other than using Nero at 4x for the burn (it’s all I have), and waited 4 minutes. I’ve only done an initial test so far, testing a single disc, but it worked, so I’m hopeful as previously nothing was detected.

  70. I did the upgrade to 1.9g, worked with smg for about 2 days the unit didnt read anymore dvd, except the old ones. The software update pop it up almost twice but failing to perform the original firmware update.
    I don know either if i have a bad connection or a clone, but seems that my dealer is only selling the original stuff.
    There is a lot of people talking about half of what is really happening, in my particular case is reading just the old dvd,s.
    1.I had try the recovery to 1.9b but fails Connections and stuff.
    2. I try already reinstalling 1.9g changing the region before the update.
    3.Try already using the older config disk v1.2.

    I believe this is the simple end of the first generation of chips and the next ones will go for about other year, wiikey is taking too much time to responce hopefully this people will post a message saying that there is no more development or sales for this wiikey and the next project will be some other chip.

  71. ok this is what happened with me….

    i downloaded res evil umbrella (ntsc) for my pal wii. before playin the game, i did a wii system update to 3.1E…. the game worked fine.

    Next day, i tried playin other backups but none ov them loaded up at all! Tried making config/recovery discs (and gcos versions) but none of them load up. (burnt on sony and verbatim dvd-r’s)

    I can stil play originals its just my backups.
    Thinkin ov getting a new wiikey now.
    If any1 solves this problem… plzzzzzzzz do tell!

  72. Just wanted to add….I have yet to play Super Mario Galaxy, as I wanted to beat Super Paper Mario first.. All of my backups on my WiiKey modded D2B chip still work fine, and I have no intention of upgrading my firmware until there is more information out there. Seems the 1.9g BETA release is not going so well for people. If nintendo starts coding this firmware in all of their games it may mean modders will have to get another chip. Kinda sucks, but thats the fate of modders until the wii becomes obsolete or updated…. If anyone has anymore details about this, I would really like to read it so I am more prepared when going to update.

  73. I heard the following instructions got a few peoples wiikey working again when they stopped reading backups, it worth a try at least anyway:)

    If I were you, I’d follow these directions exactly:

    Recovering from a bad flash. Please note that this is an emergency procedure which should not have to be performed. If the flashing was interrupted for any reason the chip is left in a state where it cannot operate fully.Burning the recovery disc image – As media support in Recovery Mode is limited we recommend you use DVD-R only for the recovery disc. Burn it with Toast, Image Burner, or cdrecord. Performing the update – Switch on Wii and eject any disc in drive – Insert recovery disc and reset Wii – Wait for at least 3 minutes. There will *not* be any sign that the wiikey is recovering, and the recovery disc will not appear in Wii menu. – Power off the Wii and switch it back on again. wiiKey should now have recovered its firmware, and EEPROM will be restored to default settings.

    Wiikey is very picky about its media when its working, and as the readme says, in recovery mode its even pickier.

  74. Deucetropolis Says:

    My wii won’t play my “newer” or more recent backups. It does still play the majority of my backups and plays my emulator disks. I believe I am on the same page as “MR X”, a few posts above. I did have a woking backup of mario and sonic at the olympics. It played fine, then wouldn’t work the next day. Since I have had several recent backups not load at all. a couple of them wwould load the title screen and nothing else. I had a mario party 8 backup and I tried loading it several times. what is wierd is that it didn’t ever load at all and one time after quickly ejecting a working backup, it would the title screen of MP8. ????? At least my old backups are working (for now).

  75. More to my story:

    Got me SMG original for christmas and it initiated an update to my PAL system and made me thrilled. This got me my settings menu back which enabled me to perform a Wii system update to 3.1E and reformatting my system.

    However, still duplicate news and weather channels and still no reading backups 😦

    Another thing which I’ve not been reading about yet is something my Wii has done from the start of this “journey” of not reading backups; Sometimes, not every time, when I get failure to read and press eject the disc comes out to about halfway and then get sucked in again to finally being thrown out without the Wii holding on to it as usual. Hmmm. This is why I’ve not told you this before. Does this make sense? Haha 🙂 Well… have anyone else noticed something strange with the Wii disc mounting device when having backup problems?

    Still no answer from Wiikey.CN or my distributor… having their hands full I presume?

  76. I believe the problem is related to the recognized media, this means that the system update blocked the functions and then the modchip with the latest upgrade finished the job.
    Wiikey i believe is goin to be for long out of the scene “close”, we all might need to migrate to a newer version of the chip in order to play our backups.
    That recovery procedure is a complete joke, dont follow the crap that some monkey copied from another forum, here we need either problems “full description” or solutions.

    Advice to everyone here, you can either get a normal chip without the programmer and get this issues, or use a full mode with a proper reprogramer for this ocations.

    After reading soo much about we all get the feeling that the modchip might be not original and having this issues cause the upgrade was made for originals only, or maybe there is a missing cable on my case, but i believe this is not a miss configuration or a simple cable not working, this is code guys.

  77. I got some extra news, after checking the forums about our serial numbers and chipset versions i found out that some wii.s have another configuration on the board that might cause you problems using certain modchips, but this issues will be from the begining? or since the new upgrade? can anybody else do a little review here.

    *This is the application to check the version of your wii*
    Anybody that has a problem after the upgrade please post the serial type
    My device has a Drive Chip is most likely GC2-D2B.

    There is a 98% chance that the pins on your drive chip are cut
    and a 2% chance that that they are not cut.

  78. Deucetropolis Says:

    do you mean cut as in physically separated from the chip and the board. Wouldn’t that keep all backups from working (although this is the case for many, only our more recent backups don’t work). just a little confused, maybe i don’t know the terminology.

  79. Deucetropolis Says:

    Nevermind, i understand a little more now after checking that site out. this is what I have:
    LU50000xxxx – LU51522xxxx D2A/DMS/D2B without cut pins

  80. there are boards without cut pins “easier to install the new chips”, some with the cut pins, in this case more difficult to get it install.
    In some cases this pins or no pins might give you issues with certain installations and depending of the generation of console that you have this will show you the right version of mod needed.

  81. Deucetropolis Says:

    so were you saying you think we all got clones or you think we just need a new chip? I don’t think mine’s a clone. It has recognized all wiikey updates and when I got it I got online to compare it to known clones and it seemed original. Also, it was shortly after wiikey started packaging with the hologram image on the plastic, which mine did have on it.

  82. no am not saying that you have a clone, am just saying wiikey got aganist this wall and there is no way around till wiikey team gets together or some other programmers start coding again.
    I will change to another modchip as soonest is possible cause i believe this wont go any further.

  83. Nvm… I decided not to be so cheap anymore and ACTUALLY BOUGHT smg.

  84. Deucetropolis Says:

    what modchip are you considering switching to? Do others (like cyclowiz) not have similar problems to this?

    Also, I flashed back to 1.9b, then to back to 1.9g again. for some reason, one of the backups (Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles) that never even read to the title screen worked and played just fine (yesterday). Mario party 8 backup still wouldn’t even load title screen. I haven’t checked it out yet today.

  85. wii no backup Says:

    I have very similar problem.
    Wii-Pal 3.1E, Wiikey 1.9g, SMG

    After playing for almost a month, the same disc cannot be recognized anymore. That’s apply to all the disc had been used (and also newly burnt) except the legit ones.

    My WII is connected to Internet 24/7

    Based on the common symptoms:
    – The problem exist not straight away after upgrading Wiikey, but quite a while after that.
    – There are different level of problems, some can read several backup disc. Other completely no backup

    The problem might not come from DVD media, but it could be from Wiikey hardware it self. Slowly after new firmware the Wiikey start to degrade. The new firmware might push the wiikey hardware to work excessively (frequent read/write on EEPROM?) or Heat build up (my Wiikey is installed on the PCB, not external).

    I might be wrong, but I haven’t heard other mod chips having this same issue.

  86. I have the same issue on a Wii PAL with 1.9g firmware, i play a few hours to SMG and then no backup at all work.

    I try to downgrade to 1.9b and other firmware but also reset with Rescue Disk but no disk recognize except original ones …

  87. Same prob here, it seems.. -I have a unit that worked perfectly for 3 months, now all backups don’t work..
    Something that may be coincidental… -I had previously burned SMG when it first came out weeks ago, updated the wii and wiikey, had no probz. Today, I reburned SMG again (by accident, I meant to burn Geometry Wars, but clicked on the wrong ISO). I popped it in, and realized that I had indeed burned SMG, and it played fine. That was the last burned disc the wii played. Now it plays only originals, and will not play that same disc or any other burned discs.

  88. Deucetropolis Says:

    Well, I reflashed 1.9b, then 1.9g, which let Umbrella chronicles backup play (which wouldn’t even load before). Today I finished making a backup for need for speed pro street. It loaded and also played. MP8 still won’t even load to the title most of the time. maybe I gotta bad burn. Everything else seems to be working fine again. (My old backups were working (Sonic and mario only worked one day and all “newer” backups would either not load at all or not load past the title screen) I recommend to reflash 1.9b then reflash 1.9g. I used the same discs that I had made and previously flashed with.

  89. I try the WiiKey Setup Disc 1.3 with 1.9b firmware on it but it also did not read (wrong disk not able to load) it so i can t reflash to anything 😦
    I try also the WiiKey Recover Disk but also did not read.
    I try both with and without filechop to 1.4Gb.
    Anyone have an idea ?

  90. Deucetropolis Says:

    I just completed the backup for Metroid Prime. The title didn’t load, but when i went to the channel, it advised me it was going to do an update. Then it said if I had an unauthorized technical modification that the update might render the wii inoperable. does anyone else have Metroid backup? I’m still trying to figure out if the reflashing fixed everything or not. Maybe I’ll just wait a day or two to get another “new” backup.

  91. I have a question for DeucetropolisL What do you mean by reflashing?

    I have the same problem with my Wii, only that my backups do load but mid game I get the “Not able to read..” message.

    Does anyone know how to get the Wii working normally again??

  92. I have faced “weird” problem with WiiKey after 1.9g update. 2 of 3 Wiis stopped to read burned GameCube discs (before update they worked), both of them read everything else fine. 1 of 3 Wiis reads everything fine including burned GameCube games. This Wii was updated straight from 1.3 to 1.9g, no setup discs used. Only problem is that you need to eject original Wii discs before replaying them, othervise Wii gets jammed.

  93. My problem is a bit different. Wiikey worked fine for first few days, then did 1.9 update and played SMG backup. Worked fine for about a week, then came to play it after being off for a few days, no backups work, drive just clicks, then stops spinning. Only originals I could get to work are Excite truck and sometimes Carnival. Nothing else works. I guess I’ll take the chip off and see if my originals start working again.

  94. Deucetropolis Says:

    I have a wii that has had a wiikey for like 9 months or so. it has worked great and everything. a few weeks ago I did the 1.9b & then the 1.9g wiikey update to enable SMG to work. About three weeks later, My “newer” or more recently made backups wouldn’t play (sometimes not even load title screen, or not load past title). my older backups worked fine (including SMG). By reflashing, i meant that I ran the 1.9b wiikey update again, then I ran the 1.9g wiikey update again. This appears to have fixed my problem for now. I do not know if it will be a permenant fix. I am more fortunate than a lot of us who have had issues with this update. For those of you who can’t read any backups or updates at all, good luck and i hope my wii doesn’t turn out like yours.

  95. I did buy a complete system in Malaysia which was wiikyed.
    I also did buy som copied games in the store and they also work fine.
    Yesterday I did finish downloading SMG and I diid try to run it.
    It did install an update automatically and when I startup the game;
    the start-up screen works fine; but then I get a black screen with the message ‘ error 0001;.
    Now I did try to access my setupscreen of my wii; then I get a white sceen which starts like: You tried to access the address marc FIX/US/ENG/Update/Update_index.html .
    I cant access the setup menu any more.
    What else can I do?

  96. the problem is just the wiikey upgrade, whoever didnt perform the latest upgrade is safe, whoever did is doom.

    Am getting the ciclowiiz v2 with the external connector, the dvd upgrades will limitate you to such issues “READING MEDIA”but a serial connector o a reprogrammer might give you an extra punch in order to overcome such issues just overwritting the content of the modchip.

  97. I have a WiiKey and I upgraded to 1.9g nearly a month ago (around December 1st). My Wii is connected to the internet 24/7 when it is plugged in.

    I have duplicate news/weather channels (I believe someone ran the update on the backup SMG disc on my Wii).

    I’ve probably only played with my Wii for about 3 or 4 hours since the 1.9G upgrade: Raving Rabbids (backup) and Mario Party 8 (legit).

    My Wii has been unplugged for probably the last two weeks or so and then I go to plug it in yesterday, it decides to show me the “unable to read disc” error on ALL my backups. All my legit counter-parts work perfectly though.

    From this, it does not sound like the WiiKey is overheating. My guess is that either Nintendo has some kind of delayed update that affected the WiiKey. This sounds to be the case because a lot of people started experiencing the same symptoms at the same time, despite different amount of usage.

    The only variable that seems to hold true is that 1.9G and SMG have been used on ALL the systems that are failing. If other modchips are producing the same error, then it is pretty evident that SMG/Nintendo is the culprit.

  98. I change my wiikey and now everything work fine.
    So the 1.9g upgrade burn some wiikey but i don’t know why maybe an incorrect burn of the upgrade dvd or a bug in the upgrade itself.
    Waiting for a NO BETA upgrade is better for the moment.

  99. jones8430 Says:

    does anyone know if wiikey website will be working again?


  100. A couple of questions:

    1. Do you guys with problems have ever tried any game from another region, PAL Wii and NTSC game or NTSC Wii and PAL games?

    2. Have you updated first to 1.9b and then to 1.9g or directly to 1.9g?

    3a. Did you update to 1.9g before or after you updated the Wii to 3.1?
    3b. Or do you still use 3.0?

    4. Have you had the Wii console powerless for more than 1 hour?

    5. D2A och D2B chip?

    6. Do you have your Wii connected to the Internet all the time?

    I don´t have the read problem, yet. But I updated first from 3.0E to 3.1E then updated to 1.9b and then straight away 1.9g. I have not had the Wii powerless yet.

  101. I have a D2A chipset, 3.1E and 1.9g. No problems (yet) and hopefully none to come. Anyone know anything about wiikey’s site? Another group providing updates?

  102. Here you can download the latest wiikey firmware, I made a mirror on my site since the official site has been offline for a while now…

    Here is the link: http://www.maartennaaier.nl/archives/88/wiikey-firmware-download/

  103. Like all other:
    SMG workx for 10 day fine – now the wii stops reading all kind of copied DVD (including config and update).

  104. wii no backup?? Says:

    Dudes, new update.
    I ordered new wiikey. So I opened my wii and remove the old wiikey, unfortunately the traces were lifted. So I installed the new wiikey externally with cable direct to IC legs (I put the wiikey in to a DB9 plug). So the wii was working again. I also tried to update stock firmware 1.9b into 1.9g and played SMG NTSC. it worked. Tobe safe I re-flashed the new wiikey back to 1.9b and tested it. Everything can be played except SMG. No problem. But.. my config 1.3 didn;t work. Seems the stock 1.9b wiikey configuration was not set for auto region. anyway I didn’t care much for this.

    I was thinking of re-flashing the old wiikey, so I was thinking about swapping method. The old wiikey was then put into another DB9 plug. Just for fun, I turned on the wii with the old wiikey connected and inset a backup disc. Amazingly, my wii was working and back to the old stage.
    So What happened then was the other way around. I use my old wiikey to trick config 1.3 to work, swap the wiikeys, and re-config my new wiikey tobe auto region. What an ironi.

    Anyway, lesson learnt? Honestly I am getting more confused. I cannot say the soldering points were the culprit. I did reheat each soldering point of old wiikey with no good result. I can probably say, it worth a try to remove your broken wiikey and putting it back or try to run it externally.

  105. Did you let SMG do any update?

  106. I reflashed back to 1.9b to be on the safe side.
    But is there a way to ‘reset’ the wiikey without removing it from the WII iteself.
    If I understand you correctly : removing it and placing it back solved the problem?
    Somehow the Wiikey is in an illegal ‘state’ which can only be solved by removing it … like cutting it of from any powersource.
    If your finding is true : Is there one single wire (or two) which can be cut… put an on/off switch between them….. just a wild thought.

  107. wii no backup?? Says:

    #db Says:
    January 5, 2008 at 11:42 pm
    Did you let SMG do any update?

    Certainly, that was before the problem happened, but that doesn’t answer the question. My old Wiikey back to work again after I removed it from the PCB. I am not too sure whether the Wiikey flash/re-flash process actually write something in Wii system.

    Assume it does, that portion of wiikey 1.9g in wii system must have been erased/overwritten by something rendering wiikey useless until we did the flashing again (but catch 22, you cannot update/flash since the wiikey is not working).

    Anyway, maybe those thing are horse s**t. Main thing is my wiikey back to work. (after surgery)

  108. wii no backup?? Says:

    (Roy Says:
    January 7, 2008 at 2:34 pm

    Roy, If the “bad” state of wiikey was the problem. Then we can again assume this problem only happen to wiikey installed permanently in the wii.

    to answer your question, I did some research, the power line from wii to modchip is the upper connector shape like a hole. There are two holes in wiikey we used to connect to wii (plus 4 more small connector). The bottom hole that connect to the fatter trace on wii is the ground.

    maybe by shorting those two holes a while (with no power to wii offcourse) can cure the problem. it worth a try.

  109. I originally posted a problem in November with my Wii having the mod done and working flawlessly with the 1.9g update and then all of the sudden it stopped. My case is more severe, our Wii would not read backups or original disc. I thought the worse and was thinking I would have to try to send it back to Nintendo for a bad drive.
    This past weekend, I took off the WiiKey and now it reads the original disc so it was definately the mod chip…
    My kids wanted to play with the Wii so I did not have a chance to reinstall the WiiKey again for the second time to see if the chip is bad or if the original installation a connection had come loose since it was working for such a long time, months…
    I will post the results when I get back to installing the WiiKey again.
    But for those who are searching for answer with a case like mine, Wii won’t read originals and backups, try taking off the chip mod and see if it works, it did for me…
    good luck,

  110. my experience:

    Jan 5th
    update 3.1u
    install wiikey
    upgrade 1.9g
    region free with 1.3
    SMG for a minute, 20 other games all backups of my originals
    next day original function, all BU no go
    recover, nothing
    1.9b update disk fails
    1.3 regionfree again, nothing
    try over and over
    read this forum!
    disconnect wiikey
    turn on, double check online updates
    shutdown and reinstall
    BU works!
    1.9b recovery
    BU still works
    for how long? time will tell…

  111. UPDATE

    After an hour wii no longer recognize BUs again, and now will not even read 1.3
    unplug for a day
    BUs read, but get error message when playing

    Im thinking about buying another type of chip, anyone have any suggestions

  112. my wiikey is also no longer working – im thinking about building an open source modchip:


    is much cheaper and could be reflashed in case of errors…

  113. kostas gr Says:

    thank god i waited and didnt update mine with the 1,9g

    i already have mario galaxy and done the update ,and it gives me the error but my console works fine with 1,9b and i am not willing to change the modchip for a game (but i want to play galaxy so bad…)if they input this in brawl too i will have to try the 1,9g(i wish till then a version 2.0 is out but this seems imposible cause even their site is down)

  114. my wii is back from seller,

    it is working again.

    Seems like a new modchip.

    What is the best way to downgrade my new Wiikey?

  115. ive used both cyclowiz and now wiikey (clone i think). the cyclowiz failed a couple of days after using SMG, the wiikey also failed a couple of days after installation, however reflashing with 1.9g resolved the problem. i had also noticed periods of the disk slot illuminating when the console was in standby. this happened directly before both of the above fails. i therefore have stopped the wii connecting via wifi, so far the system has been fine with both originals and backups (a couple of weeks now) so maybe these chips are visible to a degree and nintendo are sending a software ‘bullet’ to kill or disrupt them? i know this can happen with CATV boxes – ive seen it done. hope this is of some help. mike2606

  116. ok ok ok first off my wiikey 1.9g ntsc 3.1 works perfect .0 flaws (except for sonic riders zero gravity.freezes at the first intro found out its happing to alot of peps wiikey and other chips) now befor this i couldnt get alot of games to work /boot.heres what i did .installed 1.9b,than config/Gcos disk 3x drive speed,regian over ride on,than used 1.9g firmware.now all my games work 100% every game.and let me tell yas me and my son use this wii to the MAX everyday.

  117. ive been through this my self , sent my wii back to the modshop and repaired it , the modshop guy told me , that he has never had this trouble before , and always updates all his customers wii’s to 1.9g , but here might be the problem , as soon as 1.9g came out , i updated my wiikey asap , i have a pal wii and i had a backup copy of mario galaxy which was ntsc , i looked around the internet and found alot of people are using brick blocker and the original backup, by using the original to update to 15% of the downloading bar they switch off their wii and boot up the brickblocked version of the back up , and it runs perfectly!, so i did it this way and enjoyed it for about 2 weeks before my wiikey died , since it died ive been on google searching for an answer to why is it my wiikey died , through this venture ive also found out that , if you put in the backup of m.g which is ntsc , in a pal wii and update it through that disk , it doesn’t harm your wii at all , and the modshop guy told me that , if you do not let this update fully complete there is chance of your wiikey dying. soo for all those ppl on this site, how many ppl did the brick blocker and the original method to make mario galaxy work , it might be a vital clue to why the wiikey died, if most answer yes it may be the answer , if most answer no then just treat this as random spam.

  118. Upgraded to 1,9g som months back… Everything worked fine until last night when suddenly my Wii stopped reading backups.. Have downgraded to 1,9b using 1,9b rescue disc… It worked and i got the Wii to start reading backups again.. (except for SMG of course but i guess i have to live with that)..

  119. Yes my friend a new chip or flash the chip with a programer, the installer will take the other off and do this and install a new one in your keeping the other and probably sell it to other person, this is ok cause he is taking the risk of unistalling shit from another service and cause he knows what is doing, from now on dont upgrade any shit just because one game.
    Am getting my console this week.

  120. my wiikey installer hasnt had ANY issues with all the wii’s hes done;

    we sure this isnt just a solder issue?

    one wii was playing up (with exact issues so many of oyu have listed, worked for a while, then stopped, started working again, then stopped) since resoldering with the same wiikey, all been good ever since;

  121. Hello, considering my wii cant read SMG ill assume i havent upgraded my wiikey version to 1.9g yet, i got a question then, if I buy the original SMG will the wiikey die? or do the problems only occur when the 1.9g is installed and you try to run SMG backup.

    Please answer me im dying to play SMG i would buy it original without hesitation.

  122. Jose: The original should play fine. It´s just the 1.9g update that some have problems with.

  123. Hi, my backups stopped workin tonight ive got the same trouble as everyone else but when i put in an original all works fine untill i eject it (while on the channels screen). if i put the disk back in it keep spitting it out (right out onto the floor) untill i reset the console then it will accept the original again, is this happening to everyone else? as no one mentioned it

  124. Got my Wii back and working. They switched my chip for a new one. According to the shop it’s a flaw in some early revisions of the WiiKey that sets the chip “out of play”. So probably not a software related problem.

  125. I had the same problem. Right after I got wiikey , I installed it and got it working playing mario party 8. I was thinking about playing smg so I inserted the 1.9g disc and flashed the new firmware. I then inserted my config 1.3 and then it didn’t work! and i tried all my other games and those didn’t work. I also tried the recovery disc and that supposably restore something I think. After trying to recover the wiikey back to it’s default, setting i inserted the 1.9b and that worked, so I flashed the 1.9b and tried a backup and nothing happened!?, it still didn’t work Nor did the 1.3 config disk worked. So What I did was disconnect the wiikey from the motherboard and reinstalled it and I was suprised to see that it WORKED AGAIN!!!

  126. As far as I can see, this problem only occurs with D2B cut versions, newer mainboards (The Pin number 4 to be soldered directly to processor). True or false ?

  127. So I obviously have the same problems as everyone else here.

    My backups no longer work, and my originals don’t either. When they do work, they only work for about 5 minutes max.

    I have tried downgrading the software to 1.9b, re updated to 1.9g, burnt games on different media, and still no dice.

    I would say it was a problem with the modchip, but then the backups would no be working at all, but I do get about 5 minutes of play time on the discs before getting an error sometimes.

    Discs that have worked flawlessly before no longer work either.


    Any advice? anything I haven’t done that may work?

  128. I think my laser died.

    I had my games burnt at 16-12x and my wii was reading discs at 6x rather than 3x.

    Anyone have any experience replacing the wii laser?

  129. Yes. I am experiencing exactly the same troubles as tonyt. Start a Copy after a long pause or resetting the chip (by shortcutting the connections 1-4) works once. A second try results in starting error (Drive stops after few seconds). Mainboard of drive is latest D2B version with cut pins. I am adding a link with foto !

    I have replaced the Wiikey (orig) – flashed back to 1.9b – nothing helps.

    Who knows the soultion ? What about the pros ? Is the D2B cut with missing pin unmoddable with Wiikey ? Which chip shall I take ?

  130. My wii with Wiikey just stopped reading all media. (Backups, originals)

    I was running 1.9G, and tried to turn on region free with 1.3 config disc. Saved my settings, restarted. Now I cant play anything.

  131. Hello There

    Maybe I can help a little bit, but dont get excited, I dont have the answer the problem, Sorry.

    I have just got my wii chiped (1 week ago) It´s the old one from 2006. Then I updated the wii to 3.1E and bought SMG original, because I had read that the backup version wouldnt work. I havnt updated the wiikey’s firm, but I dont know if the installation company have dont it, I dought it.

    Finally every things are ok here, besides I cant get the Multi-Boot Rom Pack workning, I think it’s because the wiikeys firmware has’nt been updated yet. And that leading me to the conclusion, it have to be the wiikey’s update that causing theres troubles, or a combination. But it’s defently the wiikey firmware update.

  132. Why does the wiikey team make the source code not open source so other programmer can continue the work if they do not do it..

    I guess that would really help a lot

  133. Just thought I’d add my two penneth here, having stumbled upon this board while looking for something else!

    I’ve had my Wii since release day (Dec 8th 2006), it has the D2A chipset. I had a WiiKey fitted by a modder about two months after I bought it and I have Wii Connect24 on permanently.

    I am currently running version 1.9g of the WiiKey firmware, and I have successfully updated my Wii from the SMG DVD and played SMG to completion. All of my backups work – including Geo Wars, Metroid Prime, Umbrella Chronicles, etc.

    I’m not telling you this to rub it in, and I am sorry for those who are having problems. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer to them 😦

    However my point is that I have an early Wii with the D2A chipset and an early WiiKey, and it seems that it’s either down to the chipset or the fact that this is an early WiiKey, bought before they came increasingly popular – maybe they made them better back then? I don’t know. I’d say it was more to do with the chipset to be honest.

    Hope you guys find the answer to your problems!

  134. Well i had the exact same issues as all above except it would read originals ut not back ups. i thought that it must be the wiikey and suspected the 3.1e update to be the cause, i tried everything and like all of you was desperate for a fix on the net but all i could find was people with similar symptoms no cure.at a last ditch attempt i dismantled my wii and under very close observation noticed one of the legs had snapped from the solder. it was barly visable to the naked eye, i checked the connections with a multi meter between the wiikey and the chip on the wii board to confirm other connections were fine and after a dab of solder to reconnect the snapped leg its back up and running perfectly i would strongly advice checking the solder points of the legs on the wii key as a poor soldering job on install can easily come free.

  135. Looks like no one has any good ideas?

  136. My Wii stopped reading backups after about 1 month of 1.9g. I do put my power off every time, for environmental reasons. (I read here that more Wiikeys have stopped working after power-downs, but mine had had the power off lots of times before).
    Originals still work fine, btw!

    First I tried the recovery disc: didn’t help.
    Then I desoldered the Wiikey, turned the Wii on. Then resoldered the key, turned the Wii on, but nothing had changed. Now I’ll wait for a new Wiikey to come at my doormat (well, actually, the key I ordered this time is the Wiikit, so next time I’ve got a problem, I can just put another in, without having to solder.)

  137. My WiiKey works with backups but not with SMG. I have an NTSC US Wii with version 3.1U for OS. This is what I did that probably messed it up:

    1. Got SMG
    2. Did the 2 Updates for SMG
    3. Downloaded wiikey 1.9G
    4. Flashed it because I can hear Homer saying “You’re All Nuts”
    5. Ran Config1.3 and turn REGION FREE ON
    6. Restarted Wii
    7. Start SMG and still getting unauthorized device detected.

    I’ve tried everything even try to do a restore firmware and it always gives me that error with SMG and Family Skiing.

  138. so maybe this has been posted before but i figure i should tell my story.
    I updated to 1.9g fine but then once smg updated i could no longer play GC back ups. My wii back ups still worked fine but my emulators would just give a disc read error. so after hours of searching i found out that the smg update simply turned my region free off.

    so i DOWNLOADED a 1.3 or 1.2 HACKED wiikey config disk that was 4 gigs and some change big and burned it. NEXT i ran it in my wii and it read it as a gc disk then booted into the wiikey config menu. after i did that i loaded one of my gcos disks (with emulators on it) turned region free back ON and saved and turn the biotch back off. Now everything works great. It reads ALL GC and WII BACK UPS.

    Hope this helps


  139. Common people the update works great.
    Im been using it for like 2 weeks now.
    No errors my WiiKey acturrally works even better now!

    I think the biggest problem is that most off you got clones and dont even know it yourself.

  140. Oh crap, I’ve problems with my Wii to after the 1.9g update. Have you guys tried to burn your games on DVD-RW discs? I got a game working that didn’t work with the regular discs I always have used and always have worked before the 1.9g update.

  141. I just tried to burn a wii-game on a ~3 yeard old dvd-rw disc, and it WORKED! This disc is FULL of scratchs.

    I burned the same game on a new DVD-r and it didn’t work.

    I burned the DVD-r in x4 and the DVD-rw in x1.

  142. on 1.3 setup. pls save one time with the opposite setting. and then change the setting to the correct and save one more time. re-burn the backup with 2x or 3x speed. I can recover some backups now

  143. It looks like all wiikeys who stopped working are clones, not originals.
    Can someone confirm this?
    Is the someone who has an original wiikey which stops working?

    Many thanx for your answers

  144. OK, here’s my experience. I hope that it helps someone.
    I had my Wii modded with an authentic WiiKey, 1.9b.
    All of my backups were created on Memorex printable DVD+R at 4X speed. I had 100% success with all 10 backups created to date.
    I had just bought SMG and was very hesitant to load 1.9g beta, but figures that as long as I could “back down” I would be OK.
    I successfully upgraded to 1.9g and tried my backup. I got past the Wiimote warning but then encountered the “Disc read error” message.
    Strangely enough, a different backup received the same error. I tried one of my old backups and it loaded fine. I downgraded to 1.9b and
    verified that it was installed properly. SMG failed with the original error, but the new backups I created also failed. Older backups ran fine (limited testing).
    This morning, I picked up a spindle of DVD-R and created a new backup of the software that failed earlier. Surprise!!! the backup now loaded and ran correctly.
    I was curious to see what would happen to SMG. I created a backup of SMG on a DVD-R and upgraded again to 1.9g BETA. SURPRISE SUPRISE!! SMG loaded with no errors.
    I don’t know what could have happened, but it now seems that my Wii is sensitive to the difference between DVD+ and DVD- backups.
    I have not gotten config 1.3 to run yet so I don’t know if something changed in the configuration during the upgrade.
    Right now everything is running and I will be checking ALL of my backups this weekend running 1.9g.

  145. The same thing happened to me. I installed the 1.9g update soon after it came out and I played SMG and got all 121 stars. Everything worked fine until about a week ago it stopped reading new disks I burned. So I bought dvd-r and they worked fine again and even smash worked. When I took it to college though i kept swapping the power with another wii and that happened a few times. But on friday morning it just stopped working. All the contacts are good but the wiikey won’t read any disks and the recovery disk does nothing.

  146. Update to my original post of February 15, 2008 at 12:12 am .
    I am attributing the failure of the DVD+R backups to bad writes by the DVD recorder. After closer inspection I discovered that there were “bad spots” on each of the disks that failed. I successfully wrote and read backups from DVD+R disks since the upgrade. I will finish up the spindle of DVD-R blanks that I purchased and determine where to go from there.
    Final analysis:
    1.9g works for me on an authentic Wiikey. No side effects that can be attributed to the hardware have been noticed. All backups working on DVD- and DVD+ media. SMG is now working 100% using 1.96 BETA

  147. what mike means is that if you have a original wiikey everthing will be 100% if you have a clone the update will not work

  148. Unfortunately I updated the SMG update before installing the 1.9g beta. So now it’s playing all my previous ‘backups’ like before but SMG is still not working and gives an error.

    Is there any way to downgrade to my previous firmware before isntalling the SMG update or is there some restore dvd around to restore it? cz I’d like the go back to the old firmware so I can install the 1.9g update and then apply the patch of SMG or someway to reinstall it.

  149. 1.9g is a beta (not to be substituted for a completed release) and a hotfix (it wasn’t in developement for very long). This means that the firmware can be unpredictable as the 1.9g hasn’t been OFFICIALLY tested for bugs

  150. Just, some advice, don’t do an update after a regular or burnt game at all, unless youve read everything about it, several of the problems mentioned in this post have happened to my wii, like older backups stopped working after smg, but it seems other wiikey updates and other games updates, like brain age fix the problem, now i have a new problem, i loaded a ssb wii jap back up and accidentally did a jap update on my u.s. wii, now i cant get into my wii settings at all, just gives me the opera browser message, this list of disks helped me with the other problems you guys mentioned


    but if any of you figure out how to fix my problem you would be a very astonishing gentleman or woman indeed

    thank u

  151. i have a official wii-ket from the site WAY back when before they used the holographic thing (got the one from hawaii because they had no retailers in the US)

    it was a link from the official site too, not the fake one and it worked pretty well untill a certain point. there were some games it was actualy picky about way before, like not wanting to read certain disks unless i rewrote them a few times and such. but ya when i updated almost everything stoped working….. mabey it is not just clones but old legit wii-keys that have SERIOUS issues that they should fix? -.- also the site is down if i remember right so i would not be surprised if they got f’d by nintendo and just made the last update a nerf one that would deactivate the wiikey praticly.

    think about it people, all these people bishing about it means SOMETHING.

  152. The Recovery disc works!!!!!
    You have to use a DVD-R and NOT DVD+R
    I know it sounds dumb, but just go to the store and pick some up….TRUST ME it will work. I tired a million times with the +R and it never worked…once with the -R and it worked like a charm!!!


  153. i dont want to get you excited or give you hope but 2 people with the same problem have said that they worked it out.check here http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/7/597460#3663897
    they said that even through all the backups didnt work,the modd 1,2 config disk worked.would anyone here who has this problem try this file?
    i really wanna now if this works cause i wanna play brawl and galaxy(i know i am chicken i wont put 1,9g until it is fully stable)

  154. It’s not a real solution but if you want to play brawl and galaxy use Trucha signer on these games and modify them so that they will play on your wiikey with 1.9b…. go to gbatemp.net for more information… it does work…. I am playing Galaxy now

    Only downside: never update your WII beyond 3.2 unless it is said and found to be save..

  155. [quote]
    Nick says:
    The Recovery disc works!!!!!
    You have to use a DVD-R and NOT DVD+R

    Can anybody else confirm? I wanna be sure before trying it.

  156. Ok randomly my wii just read SMG again… I really don’t know why sometimes it reads and sometimes it doesn’t.

  157. I can confirm you can play Super Mario Galaxy on 1.9b, when the games has been patched.
    So no need to upgrade naar 1.9g

  158. kostas gr Says:

    yes trucha signered mario galaxy and brawl play in 1,9b.but i bet that nintendo will release an update to disable the use of trucha signer (mainly for online hacks protection)but yes this is working for the moment but since i dont want to redownload i will wait for an update.i think its near allot are frustrated that cant play the brawl original with 1,9g so i bet the wiikey team is working in a solution

  159. CoPkiLLah Says:

    Nick says:
    The Recovery disc works!!!!!
    You have to use a DVD-R and NOT DVD+R

    Can anybody else confirm? I wanna be sure before trying it.

    it worked here!!!!! i can play original games and backups again!!! wiiiiii

    heres what i did, thx to baz go to this site http://psx-scene.com/forums/wiikey/62935-all-wiikey-discs-one-place.html and download the wiikey recovery disk 1.9b

    write it at 4 speed on a dvd-r (i used nero)

    there is a readme in the file but i had to perform 2ce because of a misunderstanding so if you do exactly as i say it should work emidiatly.

    Start up your wii with an original disk inserted go to the wii menu. remove the original and put in your wiibackup dvd. IT WILL NOT SHOW ANY SIGN, NO ICON.
    wait 10seconds and press the RESET button, it will go blackscreen for 1second, then it will show your menu again. this fase is crucial: DONT DO ANYTHING FOR AT LEAST 3 MINUTES it will not show ANY sign thats its recovering but it is!!
    *no icon will be shown in the wiimenu
    *you dont hear noise from dvd reader however its reading

    put power back on and test your working wiikey!!!

    thx to this site i found the answer, now i dont have to update daily for answers 😀

    plz more ppl confirm so we can end this madness.

  160. da_Freak Says:

    i can’t believe it… was so into dragon ball Z :\
    the same thing happened to me today… i bought the wiikey chip, updated it to v 1.9g… work fine for 2 weeks… and during the night: puffff

    The only thing i’ve done, was cuting the power in order to move my wii… i opened it just to see if it was solder issue but it wasn’t…

    i just don’t know what to do anymore… is the chip dead??

  161. da_Freak Says:

    i just forgot one thing…

    My wiikey was sold to me as an original (it even have the holographic sticker…). So i think the problem isn’t only with the clones…

  162. hey! someone got some more infos?
    would a 1.9g chips play a game that has been patched?
    solution for mac os x? thanks in advance…. i am desperately seeking a convenient fix.

  163. Luniz2k1 Says:

    Running 1.9g & 3.2U and SSBB-WiiZARD runs just fine. Burned it on a Verbatim DVD+R DL disc.

  164. Here you can download the latest wiikey firmware, I made a mirror on my site since the official site has been offline for a while now…

    Here is the link: http://www.maartennaaier.nl/nintendo/133/wiikey-firmware-download.html

  165. Dead meat Says:

    Wiikey team is dead I guess

  166. My experience
    Wii D2B PAL
    Original wiikey (got hologram)
    1.9b since the day i installed it
    Firmware 3.1

    My wii has worked flawlessy since the day i decided to chip it.
    Suddenly my wii won’t play backups(all of the backups worked fine before, emtec dvd+r) or any config disc anymore. Plays originals without any problems.
    Was working like a charm one day and not the next day. Haven’t touched 1.9g Beta or SMG
    Checked soldering and it seems fine(i’m no expert at it but)
    So now i don’t have a clue why things aren’t working :/

  167. any new updates for wiikey that will let you play a bought copy of ssbrotherswii usa???

  168. bainshee Says:

    So is there a REAL SOLUTION for this problem?

    I just see alot of maybes and perhaps.. 😦

    I have the exact same problems

  169. what do u think, wii region free an iso then brick block it or brick block then set to your region, brick block then region free it and i got manhunt 2 to work. what is really best
    ?? oh yeah theres this U.S. boot disk floating a round that seems to help, just throwing it out there

  170. Oh man oh man…
    Have the same damn problem…
    wanted to play SSBB so updated to 1.9g… day after wii goes bananas…
    backups are not being read, originals barely work, the eject system of the drive just acts crazy… When you put a disc in it’ll pull it in, push it out, then in again and then out… anyway just crazy…
    tried everything, nothing worked… took apart the wii, thought maybe wiikey got loose… nope, just got left with some spare screw 🙂 (oh ooo)…
    After i lost hope and thought about going to the electronics shop and pay a fortune for a new wii/chip/drive/whatever i read a post by copkillah on this site that said that the recovery disc should be burnt on a dvd-r media and not dvd+r…
    first time i read it i thought it was bullshit… but when i ran out of options i decided to try it out…
    when i looked on both dvds (+r and -r) with recovery image on them, it seems that the entire burn is different, on the -r the disc was filled much more than the +r…

    anyway, my conclusion is that even when something looks stupid it might be true after all… and i’m happy all that is over…
    oh and that is wiikey 1.9g IS EVIL! DONT INSTALL IT!

    now back to the drawing board… gotta have SSBB working somehow…

    cheers… and thank you all!!

  171. Hi

    I think my problems is the same as yours.

    Wii: Jap 3.0 Wii Set
    Modchip: WiiKey
    Wiikey 1.9g installed

    Able to run all my back up games nd that includes my gamecube backups
    Now only 5 wii backups can play while the rest cannot read anymore.

    My Gamecubes backups can play flawlessly, Any solution guys. alomost one to condemn my set

  172. Same problem here. WII FW 1.9g, Wii FW 3.1E, and after a power down of a night all BU do not play anymore.

  173. My Wii got the same problem, failed to read backup games, but okay to read original. I got into this trouble after inserting SMG, when asking for upgrade, I power reset in order to skip the upgrade (that’s what the on-screen instruction says).

    After reading the comments from all users, I got the problem solved by using 1.9b recovery disc. I spent 2 hours to boot it several times but in different sequences, eventually I got it worked.

  174. Here is how I got it worked.
    1. power on wii without any disc
    2. insert 1.9b recovery disc
    3. click ‘disc channel’ until you see read disc error
    4. at this time, reset your wii
    5. wait 3 mins, you won’t see any icon on disc channel
    6. I waited for 5 to 10 mins instead of 3 mins. Why? Because after a while, the icon changed to show ‘GameCube’. I was surprised to see that, no postings before mentioning this. And I heard the drive was spinning, seemed reading, that’s why I kept waiting.
    7. Eventually, I pressed eject button to pop the disc out
    8. Power reset the Wii
    9. Then I put in a backup game, worked okay. I played, no problem.
    10. Tried several others, all worked now.
    11. I saved $70 bucks, as the seller quoted me the price to fix it is $70.

  175. I have monitored the whole syndrom for quite a while. It is a pity, that many different problems seem to end up in one symptom, original works, copy doesnt. The best way to decide what is the reason will be to listen. A) Motor stops – check your soldering in the cut section of D2B B) Motor runs, Wii keeps on trying to load forever – watch out your media. C) Flashing back to 1.9b may be necessary for the newest D2B boards with one cable directly to processor. Fact: I never had to blame Wiikey. I had the same problem as A) with Openwii……

  176. i still cant play my back-up except for those back-up that have the cover art printed on it. help before i threw this set into the rubbish bin

  177. wiikey 1.9g never ran the config disk
    Pulled plug on Flash to play SSBB
    Unable to recover with 1.9b disk
    Origanals work fine
    Backup nothing I will try some the secsess story here
    and let you know.

  178. wiikey 1.9g never ran the config disk
    Pulled plug on Flash to play SSBB
    Unable to recover with 1.9b disk
    Origanals work fine
    Backup nothing I will try some the secsess story here
    and let you know.

  179. ok, if you want to play smg , you need 1.9g update- but then u can’t play certain pal backups, to play ssbm you need 1.9g boot disc and wiikey 1.2 setup and set region overide-but still no pal backups (on us wii), if u want to play pal backups it seems you need to do the recovery disc mentioned above then all old backups work( my experience) even ones that didn’t work( but now smg and ssbm do not work) for months cuz u thought they were too scratched(yah those ones) work great. I guess you must choose between super mario and smash bros. or every other pal backup you have, u must choose, but choose wisely

  180. now that that’s settled let’s talk about helpng me fix my semibricked wii, i got extra channels and i can’t get into my settings(opera browser message), kind of annoying

    any thoughts??

  181. 1.9b recovery disc to be filechopped or not?
    I have read both version that works but ain’t for me 😦

  182. oh ya, certain U.S. backups(no more heroes, bully) have the error reading disk whilst playing(even though you can take the disc out then put it back in press A to keep goin), which also goes away after using the recovery disk mentioned above( sounds, complicated?) i basicly burnt all those wiikey discs(1.3,1.2,1.9g,recovery,1.9g boot, padded nancy) and i just switch back and forth till i get what i want to work to work, i think maybe using the brick blocker patch (before burning) makes the games u burn a bit less fickle, i’m gonna try it on bully and heatseeker and report back.

    thanks for your help

  183. ok, heatseeker backup wasn’t pal, but actually a u.s. game with a different “u.s. region code” than the default that is in the region free program, changed the u.s. region code and brickblockeer patched it, now it works without having to use the recovery disk, so I guess if you rip your backups, change the region and use brickblocker, then reburn, possibly all the games will work without u having to throw wii configs, updates and recovery disks everytime you want to switch from a hot nintendo made game to most other backups, will post what happens if doing this to bully works for the error disk reading problem. if you need any of those wii disks, here are 2 spots that are good cuz the link i left went down.(not just 1.9g but the update for metroid to play causes problems too)



    but you need a torrent client to get them

  184. WiiKey website is back up

  185. Wiikey will finale make a new firmware update. It has been sent to the testers, the version will be 1.9s.

  186. kostas gr Says:

    1,9s is out in the official site

  187. Bainshee Says:

    did 1.9s actualy help for anyone with these problems?

    sure as fuck didnt do shit for me

  188. does the 1.9s update work on a wiikey that stopped working with 1.9g?

  189. yobuttin Says:

    Will the 1.9s firmware update allow SMG to be played? If that’s the case, then there will be no need to upgrade to the 1.9g firmware.

  190. Yes, you can play all the games as far as I know.
    1.9g can ge skipped !

  191. Hi there, I have recently bought a wii key for my PAL wii and everything was working well until yesterday.

    I came to loading a game I had played before and it suddenly was not reading the disk. I insert a backup it takes it into the system and then spits the disk out. All my retail games work fine though!

    Have read about people who updated to new firmware but I havent that I know of so why is this happening? Any help solutions would be gratefully received!

  192. yobuttin Says:

    Confirmed. 1.9s DOES work for SMG. I’m glad I waited to play mario. Wasn’t worth the risk of bricking my wii.

  193. Bainshee Says:

    Changed my chip now it works again..

    Just dunno for how long..

    This wiikey shit is bullshit

  194. WiiKey website down again.

  195. I got Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Kart to work on the Wii (. I can’t seem to update my firmware to 1.9G and 1.9S since I stated that earlier on this forum. There’s a certain order for updating your firmware to 1.9G first before applying the Wii updates for Super Mario Galaxy and others that give you the error # 001. The only game I am having a problem running is the Dual Layer version of Super Smash Bro Brawl.

    How I got Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Kart to work was that I’ve patched the iso to remove the modchip check. You can find this info at http://www.gbatemp.net

    This is what I have:

    Wii with Ver 3.2 U – NTSC USA
    Wiikey with D2B Chipset

    P.S. I know it’s a certain sequence to update the WiiKey to 1.9G and 1.9S since I modded a friend’s Wii that is similar to mine with a WiiKey and successfully updated to 1.9X and has no problems running Super Smash Bro DVD 9 US Full. So remember that if you do update your Wiikey, make sure to update the firmware on the Wiikey first before updating necessary updates from Super Mario Galaxy Disc. Hope that answers some questions.

  196. AHHHHH i screamed earlier this morning when I could play no backup whatsoever and my recently update wiikey stopped working. Then I sat and kept putting in 1.9s update disk again and again untill it finally read. I then kept pressing again and again and again to re read disk and fiunally got it to work

  197. great worked for one day now it doesnt even read the config disks and setup disks and the 1.9b recovery disk I cannot get to work. Can someone just confirm for me that by replacing my wiikey with a new one it should work again?

  198. i just updated my ntsc wii with fw update 1.9s and SMG and MKart doesnt work. can someone explain or give a direct link to the sequence of update to make it work? i hate wiikey.. it’s rubbish.

  199. Fanny Penny Says:

    I updated my Wii via Internet and then updated to 1.9s. I then burned the Mario Kart ISO (the MOMENT release) without doing anything with it and it worked. It didn’t work with a DVD-rw.

  200. what program do i need so i can make mario kart wii work it all the time says Error #001, unauthorized device has been detected

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